Who are we

Who are we

Fruit of his diverse experience juggling the worlds of business and  artistic expression, Time Gala was started in 2002 by Peter Coppens who remains its motive force to this day.


His assets include 16 years experience at recording working time and in time planning for GET in Campine: 5 years as Training Manager, 5 as Product Manager and 6 as Business Unit Manager responsible for marketing an innovative planning system extremely popular in the hospital world between 1995 and 2001.


It thus naturally followed that, in its early years, Time Gala's activity centered on consultancy in the planning and time recording fields, managing several projects including that of the administration of the commune of Knokke.


Then, due to the communication talents of its leader acquired through sales techniques and his investment in the world of theater where he produced several one-man-shows, he created a unique oral expression training system for individuals and groups in both the business and private domains.


En 2003 he was asked to start up the Belgian subsidiary of the Dutch group ORTEC, also specialized in time planning, and he headed this until the end of 2006.


In 2007 Time Gala started to research a specific solution for time planning and the recording of hours of presence not only in hospitals but also for groups with fewer personnel such as care homes for elderly people and centres for the handicapped. Time Gala entered into an agreement with the Berlin–based company GeoCom for the installation of PlanExpert in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Peter Coppens during his first meeting with Peter and  Andrej Georgiew, directors of GeoCom, at the Third Age Care trade show in  March 2007.

Since 2008 dozens of institutions have taken to using PlanExpert.


However, Time Gala is not only known for the performance of its product. It is also appreciated for its exceptional quality of service, both during installation and in all after–sales contacts as the many testimonials on this site bear out.


The recent cooperation agreement with the company EMGroup has further strengthened the PlanExpert basis (cf. below).